DS is committed to achieving excellence in the work we do. Our company objective is to maintain a good industry standard in place when it comes to building envelope, durability of building, inspection and testing of materials and reviewing design drawings. Our team focuses on the building façade endurance, and implementation of practical solutions. Our approach is to prevent or minimize construction errors with thorough external checking and reviewing of construction documentation prior to construction. Our team conducts quality assurance inspections to ensure compliance with the design intent and contract documents. With our staff expertise in many projects across the GTA over the last 20 years, we can help bridge the gap to maintain practical and building efficient performance. Our highly technical senior staff can advise on the constructability of various details, providing reasonable solutions that fit your projects.

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Due Diligence

Pre-Construction Survey

Value Engineering

Building Condition Assessments

Building Envelope Investigations

Design &

Approvals Stage

Documentation Review

Architectural Drawings Review

Specification Review

Shop-drawings Review

Submittals Review



Materials and Building Inspections & Testing

Quality Control and Assurance

Fire Safety Plan

Final Certifications

Final BB19 Report